Adopt your new family member from New Lives Animal Rescue

Adopting a rescue animal from New Lives is an extremely rewarding experience, you're not only giving the animal a second chance at life, but you are also saving the life of another animal that needs to come into our care when space is available.

Our highly knowledgeable and skilled team have over 20 years animal handling and behaviour experience, their expertise will help you and your family find the perfect companion animal that matches your unique lifestyle. 

Ready to adopt? Read our adoption policies and then have a look in our animal galleries to see if there is a potential match waiting for you!

Adopt a dog or puppy

Horse Rescue Division

New Lives Animal Rescue launched their Horse Rescue Division at Equidays in October 2015. We feel very honoured and privileged to be named one of Equiday's 2015 Charity of the Year.

The specialised division has a committed and experienced horse welfare team headed by Michelle, together with her team she works tirelessly to save, rehabilitate and care for as many horses as our funds allow.

If you would like to help us save more horses please contact Michelle on 027 431 8082 or email us at

Any horses that are available for adoption will be listed on our TradeMe account.

Other species available for adoption:

We often have other animals in our care that we are searching for homes for, these include horses, rabbits, goats and others. 

All of our animals are also listed on our Facebook page and on TradeMe.