Adopt a dog or puppy from us

From Chihuahuas to German Shepherds, young lively puppies, or golden oldies, here at New Lives we have all kinds of breeds coming through our doors searching for their second chance at life. 

Why adopt from us?

We pride ourselves on re-homing happy and healthy animals into their new forever families. Our team has over twenty years animal handling and behaviour experience, so with our expertise and passion for rehoming we'll match you up with your new buddy! 

Welcome a happy, healthy dog into your home. Prior to adoption our dogs and puppies receive:
  • Veterinary health check
  • Spey and Neuter -  no animal leaves our care without been de-sexed!
  • Vaccinations are vital for the health of your animal, all dogs/pups will receive at least their first vaccination whilst in our care
  • Our dogs are all micro-chipped, and registered on the New Zealand Companion Animal Register.
  • Council Registered
  • Treated for flea's and worms
  • 30 Days free pet insurance* (T&C's apply)

Adoption criteria

 Adoption Criteria

We love it when people chose to adopt a dog or puppy from us, whilst welcoming a new animal into your home is very exciting you must remember it's a lifetime commitment.

Personality and compatibility

Each animal has a very different and unique personality and nature, and all have had very different past experiences. Prior to advertising our animals for adoption their behaviours are carefully observed, we soon learn what they are like with other animals, children, and how they deal with different situations. All of our ads state the kind of lifestyle and home that is best suited to the animal. We ask that you please read the adoption profiles carefully prior to sending adoption interest.

Property checks and fencing

To adopt a dog/puppy from New Lives you must have a fully fenced and secure property to keep the dog/pup safely contained. The dog/pup must be allowed inside the house, including sleeping indoors overnight. We will not rehome to any situation where the dog/pup will be chained or tethered.

A property check will be conducted prior to adoption.

Adoption Fees

The adoption fee for all dogs differs - under 8 years old is normally between $280.00 and $350.00, this will be stated in the individual adoption advert. For dogs aged 8 years old and older, the adoption fee will be stated in the adoption profile. The adoption fee goes towards some of the costs associated with desexing, vaccination, veterinary care etc. 


ALL of our animals are desexed prior to adoption. This is not negotiable under any circumstances.

**PLEASE note that our adoption criteria is NOT negotiable. ALL dogs/puppies will receive the above treatment. Dogs/Puppies will NOT be rehomed to houses where they are not allowed indoors (including sleeping indoors at night), we do NOT rehome dogs/puppies to unfenced properties, or homes where they will be chained or tethered.

We do not adopt our animals on a first in first serve policy. We adopt our animals to homes that are best matched for the specific needs/personality of the animal. New Lives Animal Rescue reserve the right to decline any adoption application. Please do not be offended if your application for an animal is unsuccessful. ​​ 

Register your adoption interest

Registering your adoption interest! 

  1. Browse our listings of available dogs/puppies (all dogs and puppies that are available for adoption are listed here, Facebook and TradeMe)

  2. Finding a dog/pup that suits your family! Like people dogs come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. We get to know our animals before placing them up for adoption and will state their personalities and energy levels on their individual ads. We'll then match our animals to the most compatible families.

  3. Do you meet out fencing/property criteria? Both the safety of our dogs and the general public is paramount, therefore we will only adopt dogs/puppies to properties that are fully fenced and dog/puppy proof - a property check will be conducted, so please ensure your place is fully fenced prior to starting your adoption application.

  4. Contact us! The method for expressing interest for each animal will be stated on the animals adoption profile. Some are phone only and some require an email. Please follow the stated method on the ad and allow a few days for us to process and return your message.​

Foster a dog or puppy

Not quite ready to adopt? we are always searching for foster families to join our team! Find out more.

Dogs & Puppies available for adoption​​

For adoption! Email enquires and applications only!

Heading X Foxy X ????
4months (approx)
Medium? We really don't know how big she will get.
Cambridge location

Stray pup Piper is now looking for her new home, good fencing is a must as this girl can jump and will dig if bored. This girl is adorable and you will love her. 

We have no idea of her history but she seems to really like children. She is good with dogs and pups and is getting along with her foster homes cats, but she will take some training with new cats to not annoy or chase them. She loves the car too. 

Piper is super cuddly and enjoys the comforts of a couch or comfy bed next to her foster mums. She is fairly active and after a good run and play enjoys a long sleep. She is good left without human company during the day as long as she has another dog(s) with her, we would not rehome her where she was the only dog and left for long days on her own as we don't think that's fair. Piper loves her toys:).

Piper is a clever girl and obedient (most of the time). Piper can be shy at times but is a confident pup in most situations and her shyness is disappearing but she is a soft girl. Piper will not be re-homed as a working dog she is a pet only.

Piper has a short tail and we are unsure if this was docked or she was born with it. The tail has fluid at the base so this will be fixed at the time of desexing and is nothing to be concerned about. 

Piper has had her first vaccination and her new owner will need to commit to finishing the rest of her vaccination course. She will be desexed prior to going to her new home. Piper is microchipped which is registered on the NZ Companion Animal Register, is council registered and flea and worm treated and comes with 30 days free pet insurance (conditions apply). Adoption fee $350.00.

Please email only information about your home, children in home, other animals, fencing height etc, how long she would be left on her own, where she will sleep at night, suburb you live in, phone number I can call you on. We will send confirmation email that we have received your email within 48hrs. 

No PMs or texts or phone calls will be responded to, questions and applications are strictly email. Thanks for understanding.