Success Stories
Each animal that comes into our care here at New Lives Rescue has its own story to tell and all have very unique personalities. At New Lives Rescue we strive to do our very best to match up our animals with their perfect forever families. Showcased here are just a handful of the hundreds of animals that have come through our care and found their awesome new forever homes.

"Hunter" - Adopted 2014

Beaten, abused and mistreated, this is no experience that any animal should have to suffer, let alone a young and defenceless puppy. Hunter arrived into our care extremely withdrawn, scared and traumatized.

Hunter was placed into one of our experienced foster homes where he began several months of rehabilitation. Slowly but surely Hunter began to relax, and eventually this sweet boy learnt that he could trust people again. Once his confidence stabalised, so did his health, he began to gain and maintain a healthy weight, his coat began to shine and his eyes regained that puppy sparkle.

Despite his traumatic ordeal, Hunter developed into a gentle natured, loyal and affectionate dog. His new found confidence and zest for life soon won over the hearts of his fabulous new family.

"Bonnie"Adopted November 2014

Sadly Bonnies owner passed away, leaving behind beautiful,
8 year old Bonnie. It was a confusing and scary time for this beautiful girl, her life had been turned upside down, heartbroken at the loss of her beloved owner. 

Flooded with calls once we advertised Bonnie, we soon matched her up with a perfect new family. Bonnie was adopted by a retired couple, who spoil Bonnie with love each and every day.

We receive regular updates from Bonnie and her new family and its sounds like they are all having a blast and enjoying every moment of their new adventure. We couldn't have wished for a better outcome for Bonnie and her story that touched the hearts of all those involved.

"Chase, Rosie & Nico" - Adopted 2014

Cold, hungry, confused and scared. At just 4 weeks of age these innocent and defenceless puppies were taken away from their mother, placed in a cardbox box and dumped in a local park. Luckily a lady out walking stumbled across the box and the puppies and was quick to come to their aid and kept them safe and secure until we could reach them.

After receiving a good feed, a trip to the vets for a health check and checked into their awesome foster families for some much needed TLC. These cute puppies quickly developed into fun loving, gentle natured characters.

They were all pre-adopted and at 8 weeks of age they all headed off to begin their new adventures in their loving new forever homes.

This case is another reminder of the importance of dog owners taking responsibility and de-sexing their dogs, to stop the breeding of unwanted litters.

"Bridgee" - Adopted May 2015

Bridgee! our stunning and gentle giant Neapolitan Mastiff came into our care due to unforeseen circumstances within her family, 

Unbeknown to us this beautiful 7.5 year dog, was pregnant. A few days after arriving into our care Bridgee began to give birth and was rushed into the vets for an emergency C-Section following complications.

As this pregnancy surprised us all,  New Lives Animal Rescue decided to crowd fund on the give-a-little website to raise the vital funds needed to pay for the emergency veterinary treatment, and had an overwhelming response from our generous supporters.

Bridgee lost 3 puppies during birth, but 3 gorgeous pups survived. Both Bridgee and her pups thrived and it didn't take long for each member of the family to secure their very own forever homes.

"Sadie"- Adopted July 2015

Like many dogs that New Lives Animal Rescue takes on, Sadie was "another pound dog", once a loved dog, then suddenly cold and alone and locked up at the pound.

Sadie was suffering from mange when she first came into New Lives care, however under veterinary treatment, and a whole lot of TLC from her super fun and loving foster home, this quickly cleared, and her coat now shines!

Even though she was suffering from this uncomfortable condition,(and she wasn't looking her best- we didn't tell Miss Sadie that!) she had a personality and zest for life that could brighten up the dullest of days! Despite been a Labrador, Sadie firmly believed at heart that she was a lap dog, and would try anything to squish onto her foster mums lap! This personality, and that sparkle in her eyes quickly won over the hearts of her new family.

We receive regular updates from Sadie and her family, and its success and love all round! 

We love it when people chose to adopt a rescue animal. and the feeling is so much more rewarding when the prospective owner sees past the scars, the wounds and sees the true beuty of the soul thats inside, just waiting for that chance to shine and be a member of that family.

"Cleo" Adopted September 2015

After 3 months in our care it was a joyful yet teary goodbye as Cleo set off on her new adventure with her fantastic new family.

Cleo's ordeal came to light when she found herself pregnant and locked up at the pound, she waited and waited for her owners to come find her and take her back home, but that day never came. Whilst at the pound she gave birth to 3 gorgeous puppies, Cleo and her babies were then all transferred into the care of New Lives Animal Rescue.

Motherhood came natural to this sweet girl, and Cleo helped save another 4 lives when she became a loving and nurturing surrogate mother to an additional 4 abandoned and vulnerable puppies. All 7 of Cleo's pups, were quickly pre-adopted into loving families.

Cleo's day came in September 2015 when her personality and love won the hearts of her new family who drove all the way up from Wellington to meet and collect their new girl! Cleo was just as excited and couldn't wait to hop into the back of her parents new car and begin her new life!

We wish Cleo and her new parents all the very best, and look forward to updates on this very special girl.

Bear - 'Unwanted Pound Pup to Detector Dog Super Star!'

Bear the Labrador was surrendered to the pound as his owner was struggling to keep him contained on his property. New Lives Animal Rescue were called and Bear was transferred into our care for re-homing. 

After just a few days in our care, it become very obvious that this young, energetic Labrador needed to work. His desire for a toy was massive, we contacted Guus Knoopers from K9 Detection Services to come and assess Bears potential as a working dog. After meeting Bear, Guus was quick to take Bear under his wing, and his intensive training programme and new journey began.

In September 2015, New Lives Rescue received the exciting news that Bear had successfully completed his training. He is now an actively working detector dog, using his new found skills to sniff out narcotics, and he is loving every minute of his new career!

Guus fell in love with Bear, and had nothing but praise for the pup, simply stating "Bear was born for this job!"

"Jilly" - Adopted July 2015

 Found wandering the streets alone, scared and in terrible condition, Jilly was impounded, her owner never came forward. New Lives Rescue didn't think twice about welcoming this beautiful natured girl into our care, and she was immediatly placed into one of our amazing, caring foster homes.

Jilly was emaciated, and suffered a severe skin allregy due to her lack of nutrition and poor living conditions. After seeking vet treatment, some nice warm baths, regular nutrition packed meals and her very own comfy bed, Jilly's fur soon grew back, her health and personaility blossomed.

In June 2015, Jilly caught the eye of her lovely new owner Doreen, and after a successful short trial, we received a phone call from Doreen saying she was truly in love and Jilly was staying with her! Fantastic news! and one of our most prominent success stories in 2015!

A few more of our animals that have been successfully placed into fabulous forever homes:

'Adoption Day!' The day our dogs/puppies head off on their new adventures with their new familes is a happy and special occasion for the New Lives Team, the adoptive families and the rescue animals! Here are just a few snaps from "adoption day"...