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Our Story

New Lives Animal Rescue was founded by ex-SPCA Inspector, Donna Young, in 2014. The aim was to meet the increasing demand for a dedicated service for the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of unwanted and mistreated animals in and around the Waikato region.

Over the past eight years, thousands of animals have had their lives changed by a dedicated team of New Lives volunteers and foster families, and of course by the many adoptive families who have had a New Lives rescue animal join their homes.

Where To Now?

In 2022, Donna met with other Waikato based organisations to discuss the collective future of shelters in the region and to come up with a game plan going forward. It was decided that as part of a holistic rescue model some organisations would continue to operate as a traditional ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, while others would focus on working in a preventative capacity.

As such, New Live’s focus has recently changed. Instead of simply taking in cats, rehabilitating them, and then rehoming them, New Lives will be focusing on running and funding a long term community desexing initiative with the hope that by supporting owners to have their pets desexed this will result in less animals in Waikato shelters further down the track.

The New Live’s dog and horse divisions will remain operational but for the mean time, New Lives is unable to take in any cats.