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Is My Cat Healthy?

For your cat to be desexed they’ve got to be healthy.  If they’ve got a bit of cat flu, ringworm, or they’ve got a bit of diarrhoea you will have to wait a little bit until they’re healthy enough for an operation.

DISCLAIMER: This page is only for use to determine whether or not your cat is healthy enough to be desexed via the New Lives Animal Rescue Community Desexing program.  It is not a diagnostic tool or a replacement for veterinary treatment.

Cat Flu

Cat Flu is a general term for feline upper respiratory infections.  Cat Flu is viral in nature and highly infectious.  Mild cases may clear by themselves but if your cat has a more severe case they’re going to have to see a vet for medication.

Symptoms: coughing or sneezing, snotty nose, discharge from eyes, loss of energy or appetite.

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Ringworm isn’t actually a worm, it’s a fungus.  Although it’s not dangerous, it is highly infectious and can be passed from animal to human.  Mild cases can self limit (go away on their own) but ringworm does often require daily medication to help clear it.

Symptoms: hair loss or crusty/scaly looking lesions (generally on the chin, head, ears, and legs).

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